Chief Information Security Officier

Have you heard about the latest hack in the news? Don’t let it be you. We can help you define a comprehensive security vision, strategy and program that will align with your business goals and protect your critical assets and data.

Business Executive Strategy

Whether you’re facing competition, stagnation, aggressive growth goals, or costly operations, we’ll assess your needs and deliver a holistic strategy. Then, we’ll guide your strategy from implementation to operation.

Innovation Design

Kinetic Ideas provides unparalleled thought leadership thanks to the caliber of our consultants and proven methodologies. Invention and problem solving are at the core of what we offer. If you need the brightest minds call us for a free assessment.

Customer Experience and Service Design

We carefully engineer each touchpoint to build emotional connection to your brand. Our team brings together a cross-discipline perspective that combines cognitive sciences, behavioral data, technology, art, and ingenuity to deliver unforgettable moments.

Product and Usability Design

Looking for help with Mobile, Tablet, Web, Cloud or Database solutions? We’ll bring your idea to life. And because most technologies fail at adoption, we have a Cooper-Trained, Usability Designer on board.

Predictive Business Intelligence

With our innovative instrumentation, we decrease the lag time between events and understanding, enabling our clients to monitor their operations and market in real-time. Meanwhile, we build insights to influence events before they happen, improving your operational integrity and sales.

Technology and Operations

Kinetic Ideas provides innovative technologies to drive your key initiatives. We’ll enhance the value of your IT assets by increasing utilization, improving processes, and decreasing costs.

Interim Leadership

Our consultants bring decades of leadership experience. Whether you’re short a CTO or a Senior Project Manager, we can fill the gap.

Case Studies

We revolutionized one of the oldest – and largest – industries in the world.


Our Commitments

Our relationship with you is where it starts. Here’s what you can depend on.



Most companies say they’ll solve your problems. Few do. We guarantee our work.