The Founders and the Egg

In 2011, our founders partnered with TEN Media, a food safety technology firm, to tackle the seemingly impossible: Track an egg, from the time it was laid by one of the 235 million American chickens, to the day it leaves your local supermarket.

Eggs from different chickens – even different farms – end up in the same carton. Our objectives were to prevent the spread of disease and food-borne illness, while increasing profit and creating minimal impact on production.


Using our immersive solution design methodology, we helped increase the safety of your eggs.

The project kicked off on-site in a running egg farm. We wanted to understand the process down to the smallest component and working at the farm enabled us to develop an analytical and visual framework that offered a fresh perspective on a centuries-old business.


In the process, we identified several traceability solutions that met our project criteria of safety, profit, and minimal impact. We then refined potential opportunities, piloting in real-time to determine the best fit.


To minimize costs, and ensure little disruption to productivity, technologies were designed to integrate within the existing business infrastructure. The build required hands-on ingenuity and in-flight problem solving, but our choice of a simple architecture that worked seamlessly with decades-old equipment, allowed us to solve issues instantaneously.


Additionally, we built a data collection system that gave the farm unprecedented visibility into their workflow. What could only previously have been accomplished with a complete equipment upgrade and serious loss in productivity was achieved through a system that integrated within their existing technologies.

The result was an elegant solution that provided high reliability in an environment that is challenging, remote, and where each minute down has a huge impact on profit.

The technology launch was so successful that it’s now being rolled out nationwide, improving the way egg farms and governments ensure the safety of your eggs.

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