Giving Back

    A percentage of every project goes to the charity of your choice.

    At Kinetic Ideas, we believe that better business solutions should improve all our lives.

    “We must harness technology and entrepreneurial skills to build a more prosperous and healthy world for everyone.”

    Art with Heart

    Art with Heart’s mission is to improve the lives of high risk youth with therapeutic tools and programs that promote mental health and well-being.

    They do that through the creation and distribution of books and supportive training for caregivers to help children dealing with the stress and strain of hardship.

    This is an organization that is making a huge difference for the next generation and has touched our lives in the process.  I encourage you to buy their books, donate and get involved.

    “Oodles of Doodles made me feel happy. I had 18 surgeries and when I got
    this book, I was in bed. It took the pain away while I was doing it. It is so
    cool. I wish I had another one, ’cause I am already done with it.”
    ~ Victoria, age 15

    Art With Heart


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